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Automotive electric intelligent revolution promotes global automotive aluminum demand

With the increasingly stringent global vehicle emission regulations, the goal of achieving lightweight vehicles is still a top priority for many multinational automakers. As we all know, fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions are proportional to the weight of the car, and aluminum weighs only 1/3 of the weight of steel. In order to achieve the purpose of reducing weight, the car companies have turned their attention to aluminum, hoping to improve the fuel economy of the car and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Door and window brands need more skills to create emotional marketing

In the door and window consumer market, emotional marketing is a kind of marketing method commonly used by many companies, and it is also one of the most popular marketing methods to impress consumers. Many eye-catching companies associate brand image with “happiness”, “life” and “family”, making full use of the connection between home and life for marketing activities, thus holding consumers’ emotions and holding back consumption. The heart of the person. However,

Internet + era Aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises wait and see or try?

Looking at the Internet + as an economic model, the Internet has realized the transformation of sales and information data, breaking the boundaries between regions. In the face of the "power" and dividends brought by the Internet +, can aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises take advantage of their rides and embark on a road
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The company's R&D center can undertake the design and research and development of various alloy grades and various special profiles according to customer requirements.



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